Teaching During Coronavirus

My school district has decided we will go back to teaching in person in just one week. Parents and teachers had the option of going virtual for the semester. I chose to teach face to face. Our district had so many students choose virtual learning that we don’t have enough teachers who also chose virtual to teach them, and many are being “volun-told” they now have to teach virtual. This school year is going to be so crazy and things keep changing by the second. Literally.

As for right now, I’m still teaching in person, which I’m happy about. I wanted to start the school year face to face so I could meet my new PreK students and show them how to use their devices. PreK would be difficult to start virtually. I can’t imagine having to meet my class over Zoom. PreK kids have never been to school before. They don’t know how to raise their hand during a read aloud, how to sit for circle time, or how to do anything that’s school related. Part of why I love PreK is because I get to teach my kids these foundations each year. This is also what would make starting school virtually so difficult. During this school year we could always go to distance learning at any time.

Since we are starting in person, we have several new protocols in place. All students, teachers, and staff must wear masks. We are also going to be in our classrooms all day, except for recess. We will eat lunch and have specials classes in our rooms. I feel that I’m lucky because I get to keep my carpet where we sit for large group. I will have to spread the kids out to socially distance them, or have half of the kids on the rug at a time, while the other half is at their tables. We also get to keep all of our toys and manipulatives. I will sanitize them daily, and I will also have less choices set out, so less items get contaminated.

Part of our new protocols is no shared school supplies. To help with this, I bought Iris tubs from The Container Store for each student. They will keep their own supplies in the tubs and in their cubbies, instead of in shared caddies.

I also got small containers for crayons. I didn’t want any loose crayons to mark up my new containers and ruin them. Also, a lot of times we only need our crayons for a project, so the students can just get that container out.

Students will keep their supply tubs in their cubbies.

I’ve also found a lot of great resources on Teachers Pay Teachers to use at the beginning of school.

Check out Pocket of Preschool, Autism Little Learners, and Literacy with the Littles. They all have great resources (and a lot of free items too!) for Covid and virtual teaching. To get my freebie poster, Live Zoom Call in Session, click here.

Let me know how you’re planning to start this crazy school year with Covid! Leave a comment below.

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