Shark Classroom Reveal

It’s that time of year again…back to school! This year I changed up my classroom theme to sharks. I love sharks, and Shark Week, and with the Baby Shake craze, I figured the kids would like it too!

I teach PreK at a public elementary school. I have a max of 22 kids in my class and a full time aide. At my school we have three PreK classes.

Let me take you on a little tour of my PreK Shark Classroom! Keep scrolling to see more!

I have five tables for students to sit at, each a different color. I wanted to hang blow up pool toys above each table, but couldn’t find five different colored sharks…so I made my own! I ordered 12″ lanterns off Amazon and created a pattern for the fins and face. I think they turned out pretty cute! Not too scary, right?!?


On my classroom door, I made a little under the sea scene. The large shark with the word bubble can be found in my TpT Store (Shark Door Decor). I printed them large in my printer settings and assembled the pieces together. I found the smaller sharks with student names in a bulletin board pack at Oriental Trading. The Bitmoji’s on the top of the door I made last year.

On the wall outside of my classroom door is where we hang our student work. The Sharp Work pennants you can get in my TpT store (Shark Pennant Banner). It’s customizable with 3 fonts so you can spell whatever you want for your classroom! The cute shark banner below it I got on Amazon. I have four of those hanging in my classroom.


On the other wall outside of my classroom is where I put my Class Timeline. I take photos each month, print them, and display them here. I used my Editable Shark Labels for the months of the year.


I’m super proud of the shark overload in this corner of my classroom! I have our Shark Behavior Clip Chart hanging by the door. The students move their names up and down the chart based on their daily choices. This product is editable, so you can have the text say whatever you’d like.

I also have some shark posters and extra lanterns hanging here. Most of the shark posters are photos that I or my husband took in Bora Bora while snorkeling with sharks. On that same wall is my How We Go Home Poster, which displays how each student gets home. It’s a great reference for me, my aide, and subs. It’s editable so you can type your student names on it.

This area is also where my students put their folders each morning, and where they check in for lunch. I print their pictures on cards, and each morning the students find their picture and place it in the pocket chart either under lunchbox, or school tray.

The small blue table is my sensory bin. On top of it is my Class Wish List that I display at Meet the Teacher. Parents can grab a slip of paper with supplies to donate to the classroom. I go through our centers for the year and add the supplies I need to my wish list. It makes it so much easier for the rest of the school year!


Here’s a close up of the bulletin board by my door. This is where we display our family photos. The students can look at them and brag about their families, or hold onto their picture when they’re feeling sad and missing mom. I got the clip art for this board from Amanda Thompson, at Thompson’s Teachings.


This is my teacher desk area. Two of the shark posters on the front of my desk and filing cabinet are more pictures that I took in Bora Bora. The other two are free stock photos I found.😂


Behind my desk is where I display our Class Job Chart and our Work Centers (using Editable Shark Labels). On the job chart, I put student names on magnets and rotate the jobs daily. For Work Centers, we rotate through our six centers over a two week span. You can read more about my centers on any of my Centers Blog Posts.


Next to my desk is our large group area. This is where we do our whole group language arts and math lessons, and calendar.


Under our calendar is where I display my Shark Color Posters. On our calendar, I use my Editable Shark Labels to put the days of the week.


On my teacher chair I keep our class mascot, an adorable shark I got at Kohl’s for $5! The number line you see in the picture above you can get for FREE in my TpT store (Shark Number Line).


Another FREEBIE you can grab in my TpT store is this Reading Buddies sign.


I’m also SUPER excited to have my paper flowers up on my wall for the third year in a row! They’ve held up great. You can read about them here: Paper Flower Wall.

This area is our Dramatic Play Center. Currently it’s set up as a kitchen. Throughout the year it changes into a fire station, a bus stop, a pumpkin patch, Thanksgiving dinner, Santa’s workshop, an ice skating rink, a bear cave with arctic fishing, a vet’s office, an ice cream shop, a flower shop, and under the sea. I also have displayed our Class Age Graph. I print student photos and move them from 4 to 5 on their birthday.


Confession: I have an addiction to picture books. I made these Editable Shark Book Box Labels for my LakeShore Learning book boxes.


Above the wall of my Dramatic Play Center I display our birthday canvases. You can read about how I celebrate student birthdays here: PreK Birthday Celebrations. I use my Shark Labels to write the students’ names above their canvases. You can also see my FREE JAWsome Work Coming Soon posters. I put these up at the beginning of the year before I have student work to display. I hot glued clothes pins to the shelf to hang our art projects on.


In the back of my room, by the student tables, is where I keep our supplies. The students can use their caddies and take it to their tables to use. Each caddy has glue bottles, glue sticks, scissors, and pencils. In the drawers I keep our extra supplies to replenish the caddies. I labeled the drawers with my Editable Shark Labels.


My student backpack hooks and cubbies are along this wall of my classroom. My cubbies are labeled with my Editable Shark Labels. Above my student cubbies is where I display my Shark Ten Frame Posters.


That’s my room for this year! Hope you enjoyed the picture tour! If you’d like to see a video tour, check out the Shark Highlights on my Instagram: @ThePoppinPineappleTeacher

Here are some other shark products that I didn’t get to shout out in this blog post:

Shark Newsletters

Back to School Gift Tags

Shark Craftivity

Word Wall Header CardsTeacher Binder

Shark Discounted Bundle

Check out the Shark Banners I used on Amazon (affiliate link–I will get a small kickback if you purchase)


Leave me any comments or questions below in the Reply Box!


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