Valentine Unit

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! I’m all about anything with hearts. 

My six Work Centers are the same for every unit: dramatic play, art, science, math, writing, and listening. The students will do one center each day over two weeks. We do three Work Centers the first week, and three Work Centers the second week. After students complete their one Work Center for the day, they can go to any Free Choice Center they choose.

Work Centers:

Dramatic Play Center


I turn the Dramatic Play Center into an Ice Cream Shop. The kids LOVE it! They practice taking orders and writing them down, taking money and credit cards, and making sundaes for their friends. I went to Baskin Robbins and asked for some bowls, and they gave me a ton in three sizes to use.

Art Center


In the Art Center, the kids make striped paper hearts. First they cut out the white heart, and then they glue strips of paper with different widths across their heart. Finally, they flip over the heart and trim off the strips of paper.

Science Center


In the Science Center we did FIZZY EXPLODING HEARTS! The kids are super obsessed with this center! I wasn’t too sure about doing this for a center, but the kids really enjoy it…I think I’m going to stick with this center for years to come.

I put baking soda in a dish and add a heart cookie cutter, candy hearts, and a sprinkle of glitter (all just to make it more festive). And I add one drop of red food coloring to the cup of vinegar to make it more Valentine-y.

The students practice their fine motor skills by using the dropper to put the vinegar on the baking soda. Their reactions are precious!

Math Center


At the Math Center, students practice measuring length and height with candy conversation hearts. You can grab the Valentine Measuring Cards here. I give each student a box of candy hearts to measure with. And once they’re done, they get to eat them.

Writing Center


At the Writing Center, students draw four things they love. Once they’re done, we help them write the words under each picture. Before they go to this center, we brain storm some ideas of people and things they might love and want to write on their paper.

Listening Center


At the Listening Center, students listen to my favorite Valentine book, Love Monster. This book is so adorable! You need to check it out if you don’t have it.


Free Choice Center:

After students complete their Work Center for the day, they can choose a Free Choice Center to play in. I switch up the toys for every unit and try to find things that go along with our current unit, or season, to put out for students to play with.


At the Free Choice Art Center, the students get to stamp and create pictures with different colored hearts. I cut toilet paper rolls in half, shape them into hearts, and tape them so they stay. The paint is in a muffin tin in different shades of pink, purple, white, and red. I keep the muffin tin in a gallon zip lock bag so the paint doesn’t dry out and I can use it all week long.


In my Sensory Bin I have red and clear tinsel with cups and rings. The kids love to dig for the rings and sort them in the cups.


I have a second smaller Sensory Bucket of pink and white colored rice with some plastic hearts from the Dollar Tree. I have cups in here too for the students to scoop with or put the hearts in.


Art Projects and Activities


Our whole group art project for this unit is this ripped paper heart that says, I Love You to Pieces! (How cute!) It practices the kids’ fine motor skills by ripping paper.


We also made these heart pandas between our Bear Unit and Valentine Unit. You can read about them in my Bears Unit post.


We also make Valentine Bags in class. I use large paper bags and Valentine stickers and foam pieces to decorate with. The kids are super creative with how they decorate their bags.


I used these two activities during math. The first one was to practice patterns. The students used dobbers to make patterns in the hearts. The second one is a game where they roll a dice and move a heart mini eraser that many spaces. The kids LOVED it and literally played it for a full 30 minutes!


I use these Valentine Morning Tubs in my classroom for morning work during the month of February. As students come into the classroom, they have a tub with an activity at their table to work on as the other students arrive, I take attendance, answer phone calls, and deal with all the craziness the morning can throw at you.


If you’re interested, you can find all of my Valentine products here. Listed below are some of my favorites:

How to be a Super Friend Craftivity

Llama Valentine Craftivity

Valentine Measurement Cards

February Morning Work Tubs

Valentine Class Book


How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day in your classroom? What centers do you do? Leave a reply below!


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