Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is actually one of my favorite holidays to do in the classroom because the kids typically don’t know anything about it, which makes for a fun day of new learning about a different culture.


Since it’s the Year of the Pig, we did a coloring page for morning work. (It was funny because it was recently Groundhog’s Day so the kids kept calling the pig on the coloring page a groundhog.)

We read a story together called, Bringing in the New Year. The story has a lot of traditions in it that we stop and discuss why they might do that (like taking a broom to sweep out the old year.)

I also found an awesome video on YouTube from Panda Express about Chinese New Year. It’s a 5 minute cartoon that talks about the traditions and how the New Year is celebrated today. It had a ton of info that was presented in a way kids could understand.


We also made these Chinese Lanterns out of paper. We learned in the video about the color red, and about the lantern festival on the last day of the New Year Celebrations. I put some Chinese symbols on the SmartBoard that I found on Google that the kids tried to write. They also drew pigs and dragons. As they worked on their drawings, I played videos of parades with the traditional lion dancers and dragon dancers.


What do you do in your classroom to celebrate Chinese New Year?


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