100th Day of School

The 100th Day of School is SO much fun in PreK because it’s the biggest number my kids can imagine! They also think the 100th day is the last day of school…I wish!


The day starts as the kids walk into the classroom and see this fringe banner. They think it’s the best thing ever, and it’s super easy to make! I just fringe and decorate a piece of butcher paper and tape it to the top of the door frame.


This year in my class I have a lot of younger siblings. Most of the other grades dress up with 100 things, or as 100 year olds. So I gave my class the option to dress up if they wanted to, just like their older siblings do! Look at this cute 100 year old lady!


For morning work the kids color, cut, and glue their crown that they wear for the day. They glue the part they colored and cut onto a half piece of construction paper, and then my aide and I staple it to a strip of paper for the head band part. It says, “I’m 100 Days Brighter,” just like the fringe banner on the door. 🙂


We spend the majority of the morning counting 100 Fruit Loops. I printed and laminated 100’s mats for each student. They count 10 of the same colored Fruit Loops in each circle. Once students have their 100 Fruit Loops counted out, either my aide or I double check it, and the the kids can start stringing their Fruit Loops on to their necklace.

In advance, we cut long pieces of yarn, lay them on a tray, and use glue to make “needles” on 1-2 inches of the yarn end. Once the glue dries we add another layer. On the other side of the piece of yarn we tie one Fruit Loop so as the kids are stringing, their 100 pieces don’t fall off.

I have 22 kids and I buy the large Walmart brand bag (Tutti Fruities) for $5. It’s enough for everyone and even some to eat!


I print 100’s circles on cardstock, hole punch them, and add a paper clip so they can be added to the middle of their completed necklaces.


How do you celebrate the 100th day in your classroom? Leave a reply below!


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